The ups and downs of starting a Digital Business.

There is quite a lot of hype surrounding the massive potential of starting a digital business. Many people have been extremely successful by doing this and you can see by my website I am very much encouraging people to consider this option for themselves as it can be very rewarding.

I don’t want you to be fooled into the concept that this is a get rich quick scheme that requires no effort or dedication to achieve your goals.

This is one of the reasons that I suggest the training and education platforms that I do within this website. There will be obstacles and challenges along the way, however, having access to experts and extensive educational videos will help enormously. Not only this but having a community that you can be involved with to help you along the way. People who can encourage, inspire and answer questions is very important.

As starting any business there will be hurdles along the way which you need to overcome. It can be extremely rewarding however many people forget that it takes time and hard work to start a new business. This is true with an offline business as much as an online business.

It is true to say however that if you stay focused on your goal that it is so much you can achieve with digital business. With all the distractions you can encounter, however, while starting out an online business it is very easy to lose focus on what you are trying to achieve.

This is often referred to as “shiny object syndrome”. Chasing the next potential opportunity that presents itself rather than staying focused on your initial goal or strategy. It is very possible to create multiple streams of income within the digital economy however when you are starting out it is very important to keep a good focus on one outcome rather than to spread yourself too thin and a jump from one thing to another and never achieve any success.

Expect that it will take some time to reach a level of expertise but if you have a good idea of what you are trying to achieve, have some patience and make a consistent and dedicated effort you can achieve amazing things.

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There are many people within the community that I have mentioned here on my website that is living proof of this. I am very much appreciative of the knowledge and insight that is offered within the SFM platform and it’s a community helping me achieve my goal of having a successful digital business.

So, in conclusion, I would like to encourage to consider the option and potential of creating a digital business, however, as with anything in life, it won’t come without its ups and downs. You really can be the ruler of your own destiny by learning the skills and knowledge and putting in the time and effort to start an online business.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to generate an income through Affiliate Marketing can be very rewarding and also very lucrative.

The internet creates a massive audience and therefor the potential to earn a great income is very high. There a many thousands of products which have affiliate programs. Therefor there is opportunity within almost any niche you desire to generate commissions on the products you wish to promote.

Although the concept of affiliate marketing is very simple, the process of earning an income is not quite as easy as it initially seems.

Like  going into any career it is important have the right  skills and knowledge.

Many people fall for the trap of thinking that it is very easy to make heaps of quick east money through affiliate marketing without having much idea of what they are doing.

There is a bit more to it than that. It is a business and having the right focus, putting in the effort, having goals and direction along with a good strategy all very important in regards your success.

For this reason patience, perseverance and commitment  are also very important  to succeed at affiliate marketing. You are actually creating a business and as I’m sure you know that creating a business requires a large effort, hard work and dedication.

But in the long run your persistence will pay off, especially with a digital business, as a lot of the hardest work  is in the initial stage of setting things up.

Fortunately there is a lot of information out there these days to help you learn the ropes of Affiliate Marketing.

Many of the people who have been very successful in this area have developed training and education programs to assist others to be successful generating an online income through affiliate marketing.

There are many excellent training programs out there. There is free material along with very professional education and training which walks you through all aspects of getting a Digital Marketing business off the ground.

Which one of these programs which suit you the best may vary depending on a number of reasons.

  • how serious you are about creating an Affiliate Marketing business.
  • your goals – are you trying to create a full-time or part time income.
  • how much time you have to dedicate towards creating  a digital business.
  • how much are you willing to spend on learning the skills and knowledge required.
  • what you already know about affiliate marketing.


Whatever your situation, I can highly recommend getting involved with a mentor or training program to help you  learn what you need to know and how to go about setting up your marketing strategies.



I have a couple of suggestions for things you may be interested in if you are looking to learn more about the potential of Affiliate Marketing, how it works and the skills and knowledge you need.

The first of these is free education set up by google called Digital Garage. This is an excellent place to start and won’t cost you anything. It is free training videos. CLICK HERE

The next one is a free – 7 day video series by a company called SFM – Six Figure Mentors. This is a brilliant place to get a greater understanding of the potential of Affiliate Marketing and how you can set up a profitable online business.

FREE – 7 day video series

The Six Figure Menotrs are a high level training and education program set up by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. If you are serious about starting an online business I am confident that the 7 day video series will answer a lot of questions that you may have. These guy’s have been very successful in the area of Affiliate Marketing and have developed an exceptional training program.

This is where I started my journey into Affiliate Marketing and setting up a Digital Business.

  • Note – there are many excellent training platforms out there. I am involved with a few of them. One, because I want to learn as much as I can, but also I would like to be able to recommend which ones I believe people can benefit from.

What I have included here is a few free places to start your education. There are many others also which I have not mentioned here. If you are interested in finding out more, please read other posts where I will offer insight into other training & education programs which I can recommend.

As I stated before, learning from the experts is highly recommended. You may also find YouTube and websites like this useful to get an understanding of the basics and help you you decide which is the best method for you.

Being involved with a training organisation will help you tie all the information together. There is a lot to LEARN.

Another one of the great things about getting involved in a training program, is not only the education, but also many of them have an excellent community and support which can be very beneficial.

Please follow other posts with more information about Affiliate Marketing and training and education programs to help you succeed at creating a Digital Business.