Hi, my name is Rick.

I live in a small country town in South Australia called Tailem Bend.

My desire is to live a life full of wealth, knowledge, fun, adventure, freedom, happiness and contentment and reach my full potential and assist others to reach a high level of satisfaction and fulfilment in their lives.

It is not always easy to succeed in today’s world, however, there is a tremendous amount of potential if we are able to make a dedicated effort to reach our goals. This website is all about helping people create an amazing lifestyle for themselves through learning about digital business.

me white water kayaking

I started out after school completing a Bachelor of Applied Science – Recreation Planning and Management. I worked during this time as an outdoor instructor (sometimes paid, other times as a volunteer), teaching mainly kayaking and canoeing. but also snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and a bit of bushwalking and cross-country skiing. I also did a bit of fruit picking and labouring work to get me through University.

I didn’t continue to work in this field for long and found myself working a variety of different jobs including; builder’s labourer, a few factories, a hardware store and even driving taxi’s for a short period.  I moved from job to job fairly regularly until about the age of 35 when I started working in a large retail Distribution Centre where I have worked for over 10 years.

Often I enjoyed the work I was doing however never felt totally satisfied or fulfilled. These jobs didn’t pay what I desired and opportunities for advancement were limited. I often felt that I could achieve more but wasn’t sure how to turn this into reality.

Although I was interested in the concept of making money online I didn’t really know where to start and didn’t really feel like I had the skills and knowledge. I spent a fair bit of time researching things until things started to fall into place.

Fortunately, I discovered that there were many people who had been very successful with online business and some of them are now dedicated to teaching and training people how to succeed in the area of digital business. Here I am now!!

My current direction is, therefore, to pursue knowledge and skills in creating a successful digital business. My focus is on what is called Affiliate Marketing which I believe has a lot of potential.

No doubt I am learning lot’s of new skills, which I am sure will be very useful to me in the future and enabling me to achieve more financial freedom and flexibility in my life.

It hasn’t been without its challenges but a happy to say I am making some good progress. I, therefore, aim to share as much information as possible to help others to create their own success and give them the opportunity to succeed through the gift of knowledge and learning I have developed on my journey.

My goal is to assist others to reach their full potential, regardless of any fears or doubts they may have about achieving their ULTIMATE goal and LIFESTYLE.

My interests include sports, outdoor recreation and travel. I also enjoy music, art and juggling.

me with a monkey on my shoulders

me swinging golf clubme on beach giving two thumbs up

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Here’s a short video of me juggling and having a bit of fun.