Welcome to my website – Live Learn Laptop Lifestyle. My name is Rick and I live in Australia. (See more on the About Page)

Currently, I am learning the skills to create a successful digital business as I believe there is a lot of potential within the digital economy. My website aims to share my journey and assist people interested in learning about how to live a more fulfilling life by having a digital business.

Many people are creating amazing lifestyles by creating a digital business around what they are passionate about. This is possible for you. The training and education I refer to within this website are assisting me and many others to transform their lives and live a laptop lifestyle. When I say laptop lifestyle most people think of travelling the world creating an income from their laptop which it definitely can be. But it also can be working from home and allow you more freedom than a 9 to 5 job. Having more time to spend doing the things you love or spend more time with friends and family and not have to commute to work and deal with the rat race. It is possible to live the life of your dreams by learning from those who have achieved great success and there to guide you on this journey.

Heres a short video to introduce myself and what I have to offer within my website.

Please make the most of visiting my website by applying for the free material offered. They are the basis of where I and many others have started this amazing process of learning about digital business and the potential within the online world. They are jam-packed with incredible content. 

 The On-Demand Workshops and becoming involved with the SFM training platform has given me so much opportunity to create a better future and life for myself.

This really can change your life in so many ways.

There are also many pages to view here using the menu at the top of the page, including blogs relating to digital business, online marketing and the potential to create a brilliant lifestyle by pursuing this path.

I can fully understand that you may be sceptical and believe that this is not possible for you. I totally understand however I would like to encourage you to dare to dream a bit bigger. It is people no different than you and me that are creating amazing lifestyles of financial freedom through creating a digital business.

Although I haven’t achieved this yet, I am making good progress and learning from others who have achieved amazing success along with others on this path. It is quite simple but that doesn’t mean it is easy. What I will say however is that I am just an average guy who would like to achieve a bit more in my life. Working a normal job wasn’t allowing me to achieve the success and lifestyle I wanted. If you can relate to this please watch the free training provided below. Click on the red or green link below (enter your email and they will be sent to you) Take the time to watch the videos. I’m confident you will find them very inspiring. They honestly can help you transform your life.

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My reason for being on this path is to create a better lifestyle so I can pursue more of the things I enjoy. Travel, spend more time with friends and family and create more freedom and flexibility in my life.

I am here to share my knowledge and help others interested in pursuing a digital journey.

  • Live – are you interested in pursuing the life of your dreams?
  • Learn – knowledge is the key to creating success.
  • Laptop – there is a lot of potential to earn an excellent income with the aid of the internet, social media and digital business.
  • Lifestyle – you can learn to create an amazing lifestyle with the right training and education.

 I am learning this through an amazing online platform. I am still early on in this journey and am finding it extremely rewarding. There are excellent training/education and a community of people who have achieved great success in the area of digital business and lifestyle freedom.

Learn from those who have achieved Success.

Click on the learn more button below to access your free On-Demand – Online Workshop. Enter your email address and it will be sent to your inbox. This is a 4 part online video series which explains the opportunity that exists online. This is where I started my journey of learning about digital business and the potential it offers in creating a laptop lifestyle.

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Look around my website to find some more help and information. My goal is to provide valuable information and knowledge to those interested in having a digital business.

This is a work in progress, however, what the SFM – Six Figure Mentors Training provides is assisting people to achieve a more fulfilled life. Helping them transform their life from an unfulfilling job towards a digital business which aligns more with your passions and unique path in life.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a step by step business model and approach to how to succeed within the digital economy. There is more to this education than I dare to explain in a few short sentences.

Stuart Ross the founder of SFM along with Jay Kubassek, know what it takes to succeed online and are dedicated to helping people achieve a high level of success online.

Here is a quick slideshow video that I put together to help inspire people as to the potential of creating a digital business. There is so much opportunity if we want to learn and follow our own path to reach the life we fully desire. Learn from those who have achieved this and aim to inspire and teach you how to reach your full potential.

Learn about the amazing potential of the online world.

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I am very confident you will find the online workshops by Stuart Ross and the information he provides very inspiring.


Here is a video by Gareth Morgan. The person who introduced me to the SFM Training Platform. He is living the Laptop Lifestyle. I think this is an excellent video which explains this amazing opportunity.

My website is all about connecting with others who are interested in achieving as much as they can out of life. Learn from those who have been successful and are willing to guide you towards the life of your dreams. This is a community of peoples inspired to create amazing lifestyles for themselves through creating a digital business they are passionate about.


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